What is the insert tab in Microsoft excel?

Today we are discussing what is insert tab in ms excel is and its functions. You can open it by clicking the mouse over the Insert tab and also to open the Insert tab first, you have to press the Alt key on the keyboard and then click on the ‘N’ key your Insert tab will open as soon as you press the key.

5 Group in microsoft excel insert tab

insert tab of ms excel
Insert tab

There are five types of sub-menus in the ms excel insert tab as Tables, illustrations, charts, links, text.

What is insert table and its uses

The result obtained by combining rows and columns is called a table. There are two types in this table one is Pivot table another is pivot chat.

Table group of ms excel
table group of ms excel
  • Pivot Table- A pivot table is a compact report of complete data, using which the whole data can be viewed in a compact form or in a small form in the least amount of space. If your data is very big and you want to show the same data by truncating then you can do it with the help of Pivot Table.
  • PivoChart- Its use is to show Big Data by summarizing it, with its help; you can make small data by summarizing any big data.

What is Ms excel home tab

Illustration group in ms exce

In the illustration, you will see 4 types of commands such as pictures, clip art, shapes, SmartArt.

illustration group in ms excel
Illustration group in ms excel
  • Pictures- If you have prepared a sheet and you want to enter a picture, then you can add it with the help of the picture command. First you have to click on the picture option, after that it will take you to the folder of your computer. After that you have to select whatever picture you want to insert and click on Insert. As soon as you click on Insert, your picture will be inserted on the excel sheet.
  • Online Picture- Through this also you can insert picture but it will be able to insert picture only in online mode.
  • Shapes- Shape is a very useful thing in Excel. If you want to do different shape of anything, then you can do it with the help of shape command. There are many options present inside the shape command such as recently used shape, lines, rectangles, basic shapes, block arrows, equations shapes, flowchart, stars and banners and callouts.
  • ClipArt- If you already have all the pictures inside your Excel, the clip art shows them.
  • SmartArt- Smart art is a type of visual presentation that helps to understand the data. For example, you have to understand something which has many types and then they also have different types, So you can explain well with the help of smart art.

Charts group in ms excel

You will get to see different types of commands inside the chart, like column, line, pie, bar, area, scatter, and other charts.

chart group in ms excel
chart group in ms excel
  • Column- If you have prepared and kept some data in a table and by selecting the same data, as soon as you click on the column command of the chart menu, then a graph of your data will be prepared. You will also get to see a lot of designs inside the column command such as 2-D column, 2-D 3olumn, cylinder, cone, pyramid, and all chart types.
  • Line- The function of this command is, it will convert your data into a line like graph. The line chart are used to display trends over time.
  • Pie- Pie is also called circle graph or pie charts. It is usually used to compare parts of a whole (the circle represent the whole). It also divided into slices to illustrate numerical proportion. There are also two type of pie, one is 2-D pie and another is 3-D pie.
  • Scatter- We do the scatter where we check the relation between any two variables, and if so, what type of relation is it? insert a scatter caharts also known as an X Y chart. This type of chart compares pairs of values. Use it when the values being charted are not in X-axis order or when they represent separate measurement.


Links group in ms excel
Link group in ms excel
  • Hyperlink- The work of a hyper link is that you can link any internal and external files. This means that if you want that by clicking in any text, it can reach another file, then it is used. You can give a link to any website with the help of this.


text group in ms excel
Text group in ms excel
  • Text Box- The function of the text box is that you can put text anywhere in the file. You will click on the first text box, after that wherever you want to put the box, you can put it by dragging. You can also enter text inside it. Its advantage will be that you can also give it a design and you can keep it wherever you want. You can give its shape, you can manage the size and you can also give color, shadow.
  • Header and footer- Bottom of every page like page number or title of that file, then you can do this work through header and footer. If you put header and footer then it shows in every single page.
  • WordArt- You can put different types of words in it and you can also design it. When you take word art, you get the format and you get a lot of options to design like shape fill, shape out line, shape effect.
  • Object- The work of the object is that you can open any other program on your excel. As soon as you click on the object, all the programs will come in front of you then suppose you have Photoshop installed in your computer and as soon as you click on it, Photoshop will open in your excel sheet itself. Then you can do the same work here as you used to do in Photoshop.
  • Symbol- By clicking in the symbol command, you will see many symbols, which you can add by just clicking.

What is hyperlink in computer

The work of a hyperlink is that you can link any internal and external files. This means that if you want that by clicking in any text, it can reach another file, then it is used. You can give a link to any website with the help of this.

How do I open the insert tab

To open the Insert tab, you can click the mouse bottom on the Insert tab. first of all you have to press the Alt key, then after pressing the bottom, your Insert tab will open.


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